Solution Partners

Falkonry partners with real-time data management platform companies to accelerate intelligent operations at scale. Falkonry creates deep integration into partner platforms to take full advantage of their workflow, visualization, and functional capabilities. Falkonry becomes more than just another standard data stream, with highly relevant and time-critical information for these platforms.

Azure IoT hub


Azure IoT

Infrastructure Partners

Falkonry is deployed as a container into the world’s leading cloud and on-premise platforms. Falkonry has created specialized packaging to simplify management and optimize performance for the capabilities available in these partners.

Google Cloud

Microsoft Azure

Oracle Cloud

HP Enterprise

Data Partners

Falkonry’s Data Partners are creating and communicating operational data from sensors, PLCs, devices, and machines. Falkonry enhances the value users receive from this real-time data through its artificial intelligence and extends the value of these systems throughout the organization.



Electric Imp


I am interested in becoming a Falkonry partner

To improve my customers’ operational intelligence using pattern recognition