Patterns are hiding in your data


Using Falkonry, you can find them to solve your hardest operational problems

Improving quality, yield, performance, and safety requires a new, bold approach


Falkonry™ LRS is a ready-to-use system that puts the power of machine learning in your own hands

Falkony Professional Machine Learning Screen

Only Falkonry LRS

Understands multivariate time series data

discovers invisible patterns from operational data

Discovers invisible patterns from operational data

Works across lines, plants and the entire enterprise

empowers you with ready-to-use predictive analytics

Empowers you with ready-to-use predictive analytics

“Falkonry pattern recognition technology helped us solve a complex, costly industrial business problem fast and has shown potential to significantly reduce unplanned downtime. I was impressed at how quickly we could set up and leverage Falkonry technology.”

Scott SchemmelCIO, Ciner Resources

“With technologies like Falkonry, which provide real-time pattern recognition across complex processes, we empower our process engineers to impact process operations through early awareness of known good or bad states and more importantly new or unknown operating states. Falkonry – in combination with PI Asset Framework – eliminates the need for additional software development or custom data science projects and makes available deep insights to allow for more focused, meaningful actions.”

Richard BeesonCTO, OSIsoft

“Falkonry real-time pattern recognition AI is opening new avenues of business for MDS. Falkonry is a powerful and easy tool for everyone who wishes to apply machine learning technology to his/her field of work. Early detection of changing operating conditions based on patterns that exist in time series data is changing our customers’ perception what is possible for improving uptime, quality, and reliability.”

Chris Changgun JiExecutive Director, Data Analytics & Security Division, MDS Technologies

“Falkonry is unique in its ability to recognize critical patterns in our railroad data. It offers us a practical means of expanding our predictive maintenance solution for more device types.”

Dr. Michael HackneyVP Products, Railcomm
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