Falkonry – Predictive Analytics for All

At Falkonry, we envision a world where operational data informs every decision from operator to engineer to management through a creative combination of machine learning and domain knowledge to improve the quality, yield, performance, and safety of industrial operations.

Falkonry’s ready-to-use machine learning system finds invisible patterns inside operational data, generating early warnings and solving the hardest operational problems.

The Falkonry team has extensive experience building and operating machine learning systems, and with managing the complexity of industrial operations. Falkonry serves Global Fortune 2000 industrial companies.

What’s in the name?

Our name is inspired by the word falconry in which an expert hunter (a falconer) trains falcons to hunt wild quarry. Like a falconer, an analytics practitioner expert trains Falkonry to discover and recognize critical conditions (patterns). Falkonry is powerful, fast, and predictive – just like a falcon. And just like a falcon, Falkonry has a single focus: an Eye on Patterns.

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