SparkLabs Demo Day Features Falkonry

SparkLabs Demo Day was a terrific experience for Falkonry and we received a great reception in Seoul. The environment and the stage was electrifying as there was a lot of energy on display. It was a privilege to present our technology solutions to an audience of thousands, including fellow entrepreneurs plus investors, corporate executives, media and other individuals all interested in the latest technology trends and innovation.

Here’s a shot of me in front of the audience, before starting my presentation. 

I spoke about why industrial IoT matters and why industrial predictive analytics is fast becoming a $100B market. I showed a powerful example from our customer Ciner, who now is able to avoid costly downtime with their vertical mill and save $30K/hour. In fact, we recently posted a video of their CIO, on the Customer Videos section of our Website, explaining how Falkonry was quickly able to help his company implement predictive maintenance, process optimization and achieve sizeable cost savings.

Next I spoke about how our technology can easily find “invisible” warning signs for early intervention, and how this translates to a “Spiral-Up” effect. What our customers have shown is that once they start to find these invisible warnings, their confidence in self-service predictive analytics grows and they want Falkonry to watch more IIoT patterns, which leads to finding deeper 2nd and 3rd level conditions of importance. This often excites the team of practitioners and they organize to leverage our software to get even better predictions. Downtime goes down, revenue increases, and the spiral-up continues…

I finished our pitch by showing how we differentiate ourselves in the marketplace by being a horizontal technology suitable for every industry and is optimized for use by practitioners. There is no need to hire a team of data scientists since the data science is built into our software. We’re multi-system, multi-industry and multi-market.

I want to especially thank my two SparkLabs partners for helping Falkonry get the most from this event. First, Jay McCarthy, who was my pitch partner was a terrific guy to work with and helped me polish my message. Second, Alex Namkung, who has directed the IoT cohort was phenomenal in lining up so many valuable conversations. I cannot forget the booth help from the wonderful Kevin Choi, who ensured that everyone who came to our booth had an opportunity to hear the Falkonry story.  You can view highlights from my presentation here. Enjoy!

As usual, we appreciate your feedback and sharing with your colleagues!