Now published on CIO Online: Enterprise IoT: Top-down > Bottom-up

An article by Falkonry’s Sr VP of Products, Greg Olsen, was recently published in CIO Online. The topic? Whether to start an #IoT (Internet of Things) project from the bottom-up, or the top-down.

Greg’s premise is that most companies start from the bottom-up: beginning with the sensors/hardware, building the infrastructure and integration, and then eventually bringing that data and information into the enterprise-level systems. He feels that this approach, although widely used, may not always be the right approach.  IoT is a rapidly changing technology, and for most companies, a project-based (‘top down’) approach might better meet the companies’ goals.

Per Greg: “Your primary challenge today and then, is that the IoT solution ecosystem is still very immature. There is a vast set of rapidly evolving technology building blocks that need to be understood and correctly assembled. There are far too few solution architects and designers who know how to build solutions. Not only do we need more providers due to growing demand, but because of the inherent diversity in IoT solutions, we will require greater specialization among system integrators, VARs, and other solution providers.”

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