High school student predicts seizures using Falkonry LRS

At Oracle OpenWorld 2017, Falkonry CEO, Nikunj Mehta and Cupertino High School student, Ayush Jain, took the stage at the Innovation Studio to show how easily Falkonry LRS machine learning system can be used to find invisible patterns in data.

While Falkonry is typically used to solve hard operational problems in industrial environments like semiconductor fabs, automotive plants and chemical manufacturing, it can analyze any multivariate time series data and discover the invisible patterns that can provide reliable, early warnings of problems.

In this example, Ayush studied EEG data using Falkonry LRS automated machine learning to see if an early warning to an epileptic seizure could be detected. While Ayush was new to EEG data and to Falkonry, he had a very ambitious goal. Within 2 weeks, he had to create the prediction system for seizures. See the results from Ayush’s project in the video below.

This is a powerful example of how predictive analytics and automated machine learning can be used for positive change. It also shows the simplicity and ease-of-use of the Falkonry LRS system. Great work Ayush! We know you will go on to solving more hard problems and leave your mark on society, and are really glad to be a part of your journey.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out our Product page to watch a short demo of Falkonry LRS ready-to-use machine learning system.