Getting started with Falkonry


Flexible options make it easy to start your journey with machine learning

Two options to get started

What is it?

Deploy and run Falkonry LRS ready-to-use machine learning system to see proof of value.

What kind of use
cases can I test?
  1. Early identification of an evolving health condition in a machine or process
  2. Prediction of quality outcomes in a manufacturing process
  3. Warning of an impending downtime event
  4. Detection of unexpected operational behavior
How does the
proof of value work?
  1. Utilize the cloud instance of Falkonry LRS, install on-premise or on your private cloud.
  2. Use existing and new operational data
  3. See results from actual production environment
Is a proof of value
right for me?

You want to show proof of value. You want hands-on experience with the Falkonry LRS system to see just how easy it is. You want to validate the value of early warning indications against your own use case before making a subscription commitment. Get started with a proof of value.

What is it?

Annual subscription based on the usage and value you need.

How does the annual
subscription work?
  1. Determine your deployment size and desired architecture
  2. Fully operationalize with your real-time data
  3. Enjoy continuous process improvement with ongoing machine learning
Is the annual
subscription right for me?

You want live insights using real-time data.  You recognize the limitations of other solutions and understand that automated, ready-to-use machine learning is the new approach that will give you a competitive advantage. Get started with an annual subscription.

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