Repost: How Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Can Help You in Your ‘Shark Tank’ Moment

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This blog post, written by Oracle’s Thomas Bressie, Vice President, Oracle Cloud, discusses the dilemma many small to medium sized businesses face when trying to scale their business from an IT perspective.  Bressie refers to it as the “Shark Tank” moment, when a major event (IPO, publicity, etc.) drives workload demand ‘through the roof.’

An Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud platform might be the best option for these businesses.  The scalability, elasticity and response to demand spikes offer a cost-effective way for computing.  @Falkonry is called out as a provider of #AI solutions using a hybrid cloud IaaS.

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What Does Falkonry’s $5.3M in Equity Funding Mean for Industry? What do Zetta Venture Partners and Polaris Partners see in Falkonry??

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Falkonry discovers, recognizes, and predicts operating and performance conditions from time series data, using machine learning/pattern recognition. From its inception, Falkonry has had a single purpose: to make industrial operations  more productive. Falkonry achieves this by applying  advanced signal processing techniques to:

  • Gain yield/OEE improvements not possible without advanced pattern recognition
  • Create a whole new ‘view’ of process and asset operations through patterns in operational data
  • Put advanced pattern recognition technology into the hands of process and industrial engineers — those who know and understand the operation of their assets and processes.

Investors Zetta and Polaris recognize the ground-breaking shift in yield outcomes enabled by Falkonry’s advanced pattern recognition technology. Their backing, and the backing of Falkonry’s partners and customers, signal the transition of Falkonry’s innovations from a nascent technology to a truly industry-impacting software offering.


pattern recognition

Falkonry Pattern Recognition


Falkonry advanced pattern recognition technology delivers an intuitive UI designed for process and industrial engineers — the company domain experts; no data engineering or scientists are needed. It allows companies that generate massive amounts of data, such as those in the process industries (oil and gas; metals, mining and minerals; pulp and paper) to detect, recognize, and monitor patterns of operation that are only “visible” across complex, multi-variable, time-series data. Recognizing patterns of asset and process operation illuminates areas across  assets and processes that for OEE and yield improvement; where bottlenecks and choke points reside; and where in the process flow tuning can be applied.  Falkonry’s customers report gains in process visibility; uptime; and process throughput.

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