Just in! Webcast by Ciner Resources using Falkonry for Predictive Analytics

What’s harder than trying to forecast a deflection point for ore running through a mill?  How about predicting when that downtime or stoppage occurs? That was the challenge of Ciner Resources, out of Green River, Wyoming.

Ciner’s Trona Mine and Processing Plant has a Vertimill that was experiencing unexpected downtime due to lower quality ore grade feed. The Vertimill contributes 65% of the plant’s hourly production. Ciner’s Operations asked OSIsoft and Ciner Engineering to look into historical data and create a preemptive warning for low quality ore grade. The chosen solution used OSIsoft’s PI System and Falkonry’s machine learning software to find ore grade quality indicators upstream of the Vertimill. Ciner then created a warning system that could operationally mitigate or prevent the downtime events.

The Webcast can be viewed here.